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A decoction of 250 ml water and 2 tbsp. l. buckthorn fruit. After 2 hours of infusion, drink a third of a glass before bed. Will lead to a successful morning bowel movement. Take cabbage juice 0.5 tbsp. within 3 weeks. A mixture of yarrow, caraway, buckthorn and watch ( Pour one tablespoon of herbal mixture into a glass of boiling water, after infusing and straining, divide the resulting volume by 3-4 times. A remedy made from 250 ml of boiling water and 1 tbsp. l. raisins Leave for an hour. Can be given to a child.

Prepared to relieve constipation.

Sitting on the edge of allergy medicine, raise your arms, your left leg too, while lowering your right leg and using your torso movements, strive for the limbs to meet. Perform 10 times. Sitting on the bed, feet shoulder-width apart. Try to touch your right knee with your left elbow. Hands behind head. Legs are bent at the knees and raised at a right angle. Perform knee turns in one direction or the other. Hold the headboard with your hands. Rotate your feet, keeping your legs straight and closed. The starting position is the same. The left leg is placed on top of the right, foot down, trying to reach the bed.

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In the morning, without getting out of allergy pills, you can perform a complex of physical therapy consisting of the following exercises.

The problem of prolonged constipation is eliminated by doing regular squats every day. Exercises in combination with massage give good results, for example, in a standing position, tilt your torso forward, rest your fists on the area on both sides of the navel and make rotational and pressing movements. Simple exposure to the peritoneal area is ineffective.

Surgical intervention is prescribed in the case of allergy medicine dolichosigma, which does not respond to drug therapy, and its symptoms affect the patient’s work and social activity.

In exceptional cases, an operation is performed to resect excess loops and kinks that cannot be straightened, or the entire intestine. It is indicated for progressive long-term and persistent constipation, a sharp weakening of reflexes in response to mechanical stimuli, expansion of the sigmoid, persistent damage to buy best allergy medicine system and nervous regulation. The endoscopic detorsion method is used in case of sigmoid torsion.

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Nutritional correction is part of the treatment of the uncomplicated form of dolichosigma.

The patient's condition improves by following the water-salt regime and consuming foods high in fiber. honey, fruit, kvass, rye bread and raw vegetables. Your diet should include potato dishes instead of flour products. You can prepare fermented milk products yourself using a special pharmacy starter. A daily intake of oat decoctions and sulfur-containing mineral water, which is best drunk warm (about 25° C), should be mandatory. Add soybean, olive, castor oil in small quantities (up to 20 g) to salads, cereals and other dishes.

Dohilosigma is of a genetic nature, so it can be prevented by observing only secondary indirect rules.

Butnormal drinking regimen. Including foods high in pectin and fiber in the diet. Active lifestyle. When you have the urge to defecate, visiting the toilet is mandatory. The disease has a favorable prognosis. In 90% of cases, after timely adequate treatment, it is possible to achieve a lasting positive effect. After eating, the intestines rumble, you can find out at the link. How to treat intestinal dolichosigma and what is it?

Causes of dolichosigma Classification of dolichosigma Symptoms of dolichosigma Diagnosis of dolichosigma Treatment of dolichosigma Dolichosigma in children Prevention Prognosis of dolichosigma Intestinal dolichosigma is a pathology of the sigmoid colon, characterized by its abnormal elongation. Normally, the sigmoid colon, which is part of the large intestine, has an S-shape and a length of 25 to 45 cm. If the length of the intestine exceeds this figure, then dolichosigma is diagnosed.

This pathology can be either congenital or acquired. The anomaly is considered quite common. elongation of the sigmoid colon is diagnosed in every fourth person. If we take into account the vagueness of symptoms or their absence, then we can assume that the total number of people with dilichosigma may be higher than 30%. Thus, among children suffering from constipation, pathology of allergy pills online colon is detected in 40% of cases.

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The causes of congenital dolichosigma are unknown. Experts suggest that abnormal elongation of the sigmoid colon in an infant is primarily due to genetic factors, negative effects on the fetus, an infectious disease of the mother, or the use of a number of medications by the expectant mother.